Preparation for the Feast to Come

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Preparation for the Feast to Come – Pastor Steve
Dinner’s ready! Where is the food? We have been invited to the heavenly wedding feast, but sometimes we show up to worship and it doesn’t feel to us like a celebration. The assurance we have is that God is preparing us through life in the Church His bride. Every Sunday we receive a foretaste of the feast to come through the power of His Word and the Spirit-filled mystery of the Sacraments.
Spring garden concept. Gardener is doing garden work with hay fork. Garden work
Saturday, Oct. 21
Messiah is showing love to Charlotte neighbors. Please check the project list in the lobby on Sunday morning and sign up to volunteer your help.
New Women’s Bible Study
The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Come to Messiah next Tuesday at 9:30 for an in-depth study of Genesis 12-50 – God’s pursuit of a relationship with man.
Contact Pam Davis or Susan Lerch
11:00 Classes
This Sunday
Get Plugged In!
Parenting with Love & Logic
Katelyn Cochran – Double Classroom
For Parents of Young Children
Pastor Wiese & Matt Harner – Fellowship Hall
For Adults (childcare available)